Mini Catering Pods

Amazing Mini Catering Pods

  What will you sell? 

Our trailers are ideal for the sale of - 

Coffee and cakes, 

Ice Creams and Waffles, 

Baked Potatoes, 

Juice Bars, 

Shellfish & Seafood, 

Crepes, Gourmet foods, 

Cocktail Bars, 

Product promotions, 

Caribbean Curries, 

Pimms Bar, 

Gin Bar, 

Gourmet Burgers and many other fast foods.

(Please note, we do not have display models, all trailers are made to order )

The standard trailer is 2.2m long x 1.6m wide and 2.1m high, they weigh just 300 Kg and are easy to tow and move into position. 

We also offer 3 metre trailers and also a double axle trailer.

The trailers are available in most colours and come with stainless steel work surfaces on both sides, with under counter storage, a space for a fridge and freeze, two sinks and taps.

2 x double electric sockets - Overhead strip light.

Production and delivery time is approximately 10 weeks

The catering trailers can be fitted for LPG equipment, however we recommend you do this via a local LPG gas engineer closer to you. 

The price for a 2.2m trailer is just £5450 no VAT  or The Price for a 3m trailer is just £6200 no  VAT  

yellow trailer catering
white catering trailer
mini catering trailer
cream and green trailer
yellow catering trailer
yellow cater pod
red catering pod
mobile coffee pod
blue cater pod
twin axel trailer in red
mobile blue catering trailer

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